Today’s advice will be of most use to those of you who have various projects on the go, or who like to dip in and out of your work.

I came across this idea in a wonderful podcast, that introduced me to the world of self-publishing many years ago. The show is called The Creative Penn, and is hosted by Joanna Penn. If you are interested in being an independent author, that really is the show for you. And she’s also got a great blog, plenty of books and even a course on writing a novel.

In episode 330, (yes, she’s got loads of episodes so if you like the show, you’re in for a treat!) she talks to Jeff Goins, about how he structures his work. He has three “buckets” where he puts his thoughts and bits of work: Idea, Draft and Edit.

Jeff tries to move a piece of work from one bucket to the next each day. He’ll see whether he can move an idea into draft form, by working a bit on it; and if he has something in draft form, like a blog post, he’ll Edit it.

This is a great way of organising your work. It’s very clear what you need to do to each piece of work, so that’s one less bit of thinking you need to do. It also means that you can organise the work in a way that makes it easy to hop from project to project, which sometimes is as good as a break.

So, a podcast recommendation for you today: The Creative Penn.