Pilar has realised that all her character was doing was living in the past, but she has a couple of things she’s going to try to make the character more active. Her London life needs to feel richer.

Following feedback from her writing coach, she now needs to almost go back to the drawing board, but this presents plenty of opportunities to make the piece richer. How do the characters support the protagonist, or get in her way?

“Know your strengths as a writer” – a piece of feedback that’s leading Pilar to change the setting of an important encounter, to give the reader more of an insight into the city of Madrid.

Why it’s proved useful to keep a writing journal.

A quote from Daniel Pink’s “When”:

“The best endings don’t leave us happy. Instead, they produce something richer—a rush of unexpected insight, a fleeting moment of transcendence, the possibility that by discarding what we wanted we’ve gotten what we need.”

Plus: Thinking Remote: Inspiration for leaders of distributed teams is now out in audiobook format.

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