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Word Maze podcast is hosted by Pilar Orti, voiceover artist and management consultant based in London. To find out more about Pilar, go to www.pilarwrites.com or www.virtualnotdistant.com (or check out the list of books below.)

If you would like to hear more from Pilar, check out her other podcasts: 21st Century Work Life and Management Cafe, as well as Spain Uncovered and En clave de podcast (a Spanish-English bilingual show with Craig Wealand).

The word definitions are pulled straight out of the dictionary in my Paperwhite Kindle, which are the New Oxford American Dictionary and Oxford Dictionary of English (both from Oxford University Press).

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Other books by Pilar:
Hi, I’m Here for a Recording. The ordinary life of a voiceover artist.
The A to Z of Spanish Culture. Beyond toros and flamenco.
Your Handy Companion to Devising and Physical Theatre
When Five Years Pass. A translation of Federico García Lorca’s ‘Así que pasen cinco años’.
17 Poems for the Angry Commuter
Visibility in Virtual Teams (only on Kindle)

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For more, visit www.pilarwrites.com